Welcome to Pathways to Peace

There are many different pathways one can take to feel more peaceful and become more whole. I use polarity bodywork, massage, acupressure, meditation, hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Eden Energy Medicine, chakra balancing, and Shamanic techniques to help people heal.
Polarity Bodywork, Chakra Balancing - Opening and balancing the body's energy systems.

Energy Psychology - to reduce stressful symptoms and help heal past trauma.
(emotional freedom techniques)

Eden Energy Medicine - uses acupressure and body work to reduce stress and increase well-being.

Hypnosis - Deep relaxation for overcoming habits or symptoms.

Shamanic techniques - Healing using the earth's elements and guided journeys
(individual and groups)

Meditation - For focus and clarity, centering
As a psychotherapist and counselor for twenty five years I integrate Eastern and Western philosophy and healing techniques to help bring you to a more peaceful and balanced state. Let me guide you towards a more spiritually connected and deeply refreshed state of being.
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